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Trampled by Turtles Live at 10,000 Lakes Festival - Soo Pass Ranch on 2007-07-20

Trampled By Turtles
10,000 Lakes Festival
Soo Pass Ranch - Detroit Lakes, MN

Source: SBD > MacBook > FLAC
Lineage: SBD > XLR Matrix Out > MBOX > MacBook > Digital Performer > XACT (FLAC)
Taped by: Mikey Paul ( - Spring Fed Music Syndicate

Erik Berry - mandolin/ vox
Dave Carroll - banjo/ vox
Tim Saxhaug - bass guitar/ vox
Dave Simonett - acoustic/ vox

Ryan Young (Pert Near Sandstone) - fiddle (entire show)

One Set
Run Time 56:43

01 Wizard Intro 4:47
02 Lost Highway & 4:05
03 Ain't No Use in Trying' 2:38
04 Wrong Way Street 3:49
05 Old Joe Clark 4:37
06 I'm a Stranger Now 4:13
07 Drinkin' In the Morning 3:55
08 Peggy-O * 7:15
09 Burn For Free 3:42
10 Never Again 4:37
11 Jars at Home 4:43
12 I'm A Target Too
13 Blue Sky and the Devil 5:39

Run Time 58:58

01 Nobody Else ^ 3:37
02 Hammock ^ 4:31
03 Think it Over 3:59
04 Airline to Heaven % 3:55
05 Turkey Gizzard 4:17
06 Silver and Gold 4:46
07 Valley 3:57
08 1922 $ 3:26
09 Trouble 5:27
10 Sleep Soundly 10:20
11 E: Whiskey 5:33
12 E: Sloop John B # 5:10

& Hank Williams Song
* Traditional Song
^ New Song
% Woody Guthrie Song
$ Charlie Parr Song
# Beach Boys Song

Notes: Some low frequency feedback/instrument resonating sporadically throughout the show.

Thanks to Jakob Larson for another great mix
Thanks to 10K and Soo Pass Ranch for the great festival and grounds

Collection TrampledbyTurtles
Band/Artist Trampled by Turtles
Date July 20, 2007
Venue 10,000 Lakes Festival - Soo Pass Ranch
Location Detroit Lakes, MN

Source SBD > MacBook > FLAC
Lineage SBD > XLR Matrix Out > MBOX > MacBook > Digital Performer > XACT (FLAC)
Taped by Mikey Paul (drunkonmusic(at) Spring Fed Music Syndicate
Transferred by Mikey Paul ( Spring Fed Music Syndicate


Notes: Some low frequency feedback/instrument resonating sporadically throughout the show.


Reviewer: STS9doug420 - - January 14, 2008
Subject: 10k
Awesome awesome show too bad they didnt get two sets this year like last year . too bad they overlapped with pnuma
Reviewer: ManOfMulcahey - - November 26, 2007
Subject: Ah the memories...
This was without a doubt one of the best shows of the weekend. This is my first time listening to it on archive and it's literally giving me chills. Even through a recording you can feel the energy of the show. Sound quality on this recording is perfect, bravo.
Reviewer: J4CK0 - - November 26, 2007
Subject: Surprised!!!!!
This show was awesome. I had never listened to trampled before and needed somewhere to chill before Pnuma and found myself groovin out to trampled. I loved every minute of it. download this show!
Reviewer: ZENugz - - September 26, 2007
Subject: Trampled My Membrane
I have been listening to Trampled for about 2 years now, this was actually my 1st time seeing them live, and wow, I was blown away. I am so happy this was caught on tape with such clarity, beautiful recording, thank you so much. I was at this show groovin' heavily from start to finish passin' around a bottle of cheap dirty whiskey, the Trampled way.

again, greatly appreciated.
Reviewer: ELi D. Soo Foo - - August 21, 2007
Subject: Super Show
I was definately at this show from start to finish and loved every second. Trampled is the best! Thanks so much mike for putting this up I didn't think i'd hear it again. All I can say is they do need to steal Ryan Young or find a fiddle player because it added so much to their already incredible sound. Thanks again, I will enjoy this for years!

~Eli D. ~ Siouxx Fallss

P.s. the sound is almost perfect!
Reviewer: DPK - - August 13, 2007
Subject: Hey, Mikey
Were you the guy pulling gear out of the saloon before the Mr. Blotto set? Glad you got this. I'll see about an aud version eventually... Def no Codeine this set.

ED 8-12-07
Comparing my set list to this one...

DISC ONE [56:28]

01... intro [0:57]
02. Lost Highway [3:57] H. Williams
03. Ain't No Use In Tryin' [2:53]
04. Wrong Way Street [3:47]
05. Old Joe Clark [4:40] Inst.
06. Stranger [4:13]
07. Drinkin' In the Morning [3:55]
08. Peggy O' [7:14]
09. Burn For Free [3:47]
10. Never Again [3:11]
11... banter/ Happy BD [1:22]
12. Jars At Home [2:43]
13. I'm A Target Too [:]
14... tuning [1:11]
15. Blue Sky & The Devil [5:39]
16. Nobody Else [3:22]

DISC TWO [55:09]

01. Hammock [4:43] inst.
02. Think It Over [4:04]
03. Airline to Heaven [3:40] w. Guthrie
04. Turkey Gizzard [4:33] inst.
05. Silver & Gold [4:42]
06. Valley [4:00]
07. 1922 [3:26] C. Parr
08. Trouble [5:27]
09. Sleep Soundly In The Morning [6:44] inst.

10. encore break [3:28]
11. Whiskey [5:41]
12. Sloop John B. [4:36] B./D. Willson
Reviewer: garp6600 - - July 31, 2007
Subject: Trampled Tramples Field Stage in 98'
here, here, Field Stage next year!!!
Reviewer: trampled_phan - - July 31, 2007
Subject: Thank you so much Mikey!!
Trampled was, as always, awesome! Hopefully they'll put them on the field stage next year. Barn's gettin pretty packed for Trampled these days. Met a guy that drove from Florida to 10KLF just to see this show. I'll never forget what he asked me, "Do these guys always sit down". My reply was, "Trampled are the only four(in this case five) people that are sitting at a Trampled show:)" Thanks again for the time & effort of taping & upping this Mikey. This is greatly appreciated.
-Peace Mike from MN
P.S. I believe track No. 9. is Burn For Free and not Codeine. Plus they had Ryan Young from Pert Near Sandstone playing the fiddle
Reviewer: mikeypaul - - July 27, 2007
Subject: Awesome
Yea that was me unloading from the salon before blotto. I was working 10k also so i was running a lot. Thanks a lot for the help on the setlist. I dont know how i did that, i love both of those songs. Maybe i just wanted it to be codeine. Im so backed up with recordings with all of fat fest, a bunch from project earth and a handful of 10K shows i just over looked it. Cornmeal, Chinese Fingertrap, God Johnson and Down Lo from 10K will be up shortly also. But back to business at hand. This show was AWESOME(as the title says). Turtles just destroyed it. One of my favorite from the weekend. And i am really happy with how the recording turned out, other than that low rumble every once in a while. The bass is pretty heavy (which im totally cool with) because that system there just wasnt giving him what he wanted for bass so he had timmy turned up. Ryan Young is such a nice addition. TBT's great without but damn does that step it up to another level. The new songs are great. Everything, great. Just download it, you wont be disappointed.
Reviewer: najavo - - July 27, 2007
They didn't play Codeine, IIRC. It took me about 10 minutes to log-in (forget my password, got distracted, etc., etc.), but I believe the track you have labelled Codeine is Burn for Free.

Aside from this, best of the 5x TBT shows I've seen. Great. Great. Great. Download it; just do it. Now.
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